Perusini et al., 2017 featured in: The Washington Post, Daily Mail, New Scientist, Futurism, CUMC Newsroom and IFLScience

Gabriella Napoli was admitted to the Youth Career Connect grant program

Holly Hunsberger was featured in Postdocs, What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Josie McGowan was admitted to the Chateaubriand Fellowship Program

Omid Cohensedgh was admitted to the Summer Program for Underrepresented Students (SPURS): SPURS at Columbia University

Josie McGowan was admitted to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Stephanie Cajigas was admitted to the Columbia University Genentech Fellowship Program and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

McGowan et al., 2017 featured in: Medical ResearchCUMC Newsroom, Neuroscience News,  Daily Mail UK, The Herald UK, One News Page, EurekAlert!, UPI, and New Kerala (India) 


TED: Could a drug prevent depression and PTSD?

The Atlantic: Preventing Mental Illness with a Stress Vaccine

Business Insider: Scientists are increasingly excited about ketamine, a party drug that could prevent depression

Josie McGowan was admitted to the Columbia University Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior

Josie McGowan was admitted to the Summer Program for Underrepresented Students (SPURS): SPURS at Columbia University

Omid Cohensedgh was awarded the Jack Kent Cooke Summer Internship Stipend: Jack Kent Cooke

Nature Publishing Group: Webinar – Advances in neuroscience: New methods for correlating structure and function, featuring Drs. Kwanghun Chung and Christine Ann Denny: Webinar

Biological Psychiatry: From mice to men: can ketamine enhance resilience to stress?

Daily News: ‘Memory Hackers’ scientists have discovered way to delete, create memories

New York Post: Thanks to science, you can soon wipe out your worst memories

PBS NOVA: Memory Hackers

Gizmodo: How ‘Memory Hacking’ Is Becoming a Reality

CUMC: Columbia BRAINYAC Randy Martinez Prepares for Career in Medical Research

Nervous Talk: Review



Nautilus: A Vaccine For Depression?

Dr. Steven Hyde’s Book on Ketamine mentioning our work: Ketamine for Depression

New York State Office of Mental Health News: PDF

Dr. Denny’s commentary at CBS News: How do you recognize a long-lost friend?

Columbia University Medical Center: Could a Dose of Ketamine Prevent Psychiatric Disorders Such as PTSD?

Health Canal: Could a Dose of Ketamine Prevent Psychiatric Disorders Such as PTSD?

FullSizeRenderJosie McGowan (2nd from right) and Shannon Shipley (far right) were admitted to the SURF program for the summer. We are so happy they can stay for the summer.




IMG_0854Maia Lauria was admitted to the Amgen Scholars program for the summer and has been a great asset to the lab.



IMG_0849Christina La Gamma was admitted to the Barnard Summer Research Institute (SRI) Program. We are so happy she can stay in the lab for the summer.




BRAINYAC RandySo proud of our high school student Randy!! NYC Student Research








Our poster was selected for a Nanosymposium at SfN. SfN2014

Dr. Denny’s lab was profiled for the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative. CTNI

Dr. Denny was awarded a 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award. BBRF

Dr. Denny and Dr. Hen discuss their recent Neuron paper in this Neuron video abstract.


Columbia Medicine discusses the optogenetic projects being performed at Columbia University. Columbia Medicine



Ms. Farah Taslima, our very own undergraduate, talks about when the Philharmonic performed her music , not only in the US, but also abroad. She is a brilliant undergraduate and has become a teacher of young composers.

Med Device Online discusses Dr. Denny’s work. Med Device Online

In the first post of his Creative Minds series, Dr. Francis Collins discusses Dr. Denny’s new technology. NIH Director’s Blog

The Biological Sciences department of Columbia University announces Dr. Denny’s award. Biological Sciences

Columbia University announces 3 High Risk-High Reward Research Awards. Columbia